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Der Begriff Andragogy meint die lebenslange Bildung von Erwachsenen (wortwörtlich eigentlich “von Männern” – weil wir Frauen schon schlau genug sind?). Ich verstehe unter Andragogy Lebenslanges Lernen (LLL).

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As initiator of the cope14 mooc and in my actual role as moderator I’m thinking about the motivations of the learners. Actually we are in week 4 which is the most challenging week with a lot of materials and assignments. In this week there are not so many learners actively posting contributions and it is easier to analyze fewer persons. Nevertheless my feelings about the learners were developing during the former weeks as well.

Self-motivated learners with lust for learning

There are learners who want to learn about the topics of cope14, they are curios about the content and they immerge in their learning processes. I suspect that these leaners are older than 30 or 40 years. Observing them I perceive that some of them have already had experiences with MOOCs but others are newbies. I admire their energy for learning. A part of them comes from abroad and all profit from the openness of cope14.

Semi self-motivated learners who bond with their teachers

There are students in our MOOC who got invited to cope14 by their teachers which are not their business teachers. And in some cases business is not a part of their study degree at all. I love to read their comments, they are funny learners who are open to new and challenging topics and they try to understand what’s going on in a special week. They seem to be satisfied with the insights they gain in their learning processes. (these students are coming from our university as well as from other universities).

In their attitude they are similar to the self-motivated learners with lust for learning. And … in some of their postings I got the impression that their bond with their teachers helped them to enter cope14 with an open mind and to overcome the challenges of learning in our MOOC.

Externally-motivated demotivated leaners

Furthermore there are learners who didn’t succeed or do not want to understand the principles of learning in cope14. (During the preparation phase I discussed the cope14 MOOC with many teachers and asked them to include it as part of a regular class and to allow freedom of learning for their students). Many of these learners are business students and were invited by their business teachers. My first hypothesis is that the open approach of cope14 is very different from the day to day experiences as business students or business teachers.  My second hypotheses is that the dialogue and negotiation between teachers and students about learning in cope14 failed as well as the briefing process between teachers and cope14 initiators.

I expected some of the business students to love the openness of cope14, the materials and questions, the videos and the efforts their teachers invested into preparation of the weeks. In week 4 I cannot detect any of these students which is rather strange.

Of course these are my preliminary findings based on my observations and feelings and my leaners’ lists. After the end of cope14 we will evaluate all the material we gained during our MOOC experiment in more detail.

Was wünsch ich mir für ein MOOC, konkret auch für den MOOC-Maker Course #MMC13 (obwohl Weihnachten ja schon vorbei ist…):

  • Viel “traffic” – ich wünsch mir aktive Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer, die am besten selbst einen Blog schreiben, ihre Gedanken zum MOOC mit den anderen teilen und die eigene Lernerfahrung in Bezug zu ihrem Arbeitsalltag stellen – und natürlich würde ich gerne per Twitter von neuen Beiträgen erfahren 🙂
  • Ich möchte selbst weitere Lernschritte machen – über Motivation, Struktur & Chaos, Online-Identität (war in einem MOOC noch nie so wenig anonym wie diesmal) und Lerngemeinschaften nachdenken und offen sein für das, was sonst noch so an Themen daher kommt.
  • Meine Wunschlänge für ein MOOC wären drei bis fünf Monate (auch die neun Monate des Change11 MOOCs waren ok). Da kann ich auch einmal für eine Woche ausfallen. Bei den fünf Wochen des #MMC13 muss ich dran bleiben, sonst ist das MOOC vorbei, bevor ich eingetaucht bin. Ein einwöchiges MOOC, wie das MOOC MOOC, stelle ich mir als große Herausforderung vor, wenn der Gedanke des offen gemeinsam Lernen verfolgt werden sollte.

Jetzt werde ich mich dran machen, mich auf meine Rolle im #MMC13  vorzubereiten!

November 23, 2011
 Keynote presentation delivered to CQU OLT Educational Technology, Online to Queensland, via WebX – Slides

Slide 10: We are currently offering a 30 week monster course called #Change11 with 2200 students

Answering my question from today about the actual number of participants in the change.mooc – and isn’t it more than 30 weeks?

Slide 11: link to an interesting article: The Challenges to Connectivist Learning on Open Online Networks: Learning Experiences during a Massive Open Online Course

Especially the graph of the participation rates is interesting – what are “we Moocers” doing all day? At the end 1600 persons participated the PLENK MOOC but only “40–60 individuals on average contributed actively to the course on a regular basis”.

Brooding over slide 12: The decline can be dramatic – ??

In my opinion the offer of the change.mooc – experts designing one week after the other for us “moocers” – is really great – and we should be responsible for our motivation ! (not Stephen …)

See Stephen’s summary