ZML Didaktik / Innovative Learning Scenarios

Footprints of Emergence (english)

The Footprints of Emergence visualisation tool was created to support designers, teachers, learners and researchers in eliciting deeply reflective, tacit knowledge and understanding about the balance between prescriptive and emergent learning in any given learning environment. (you can find more information about the footprints at the bottom)


Drawing the footprints of emergence

  1. print the template and draw them by hand, take a picture afterwards.
  2. download the powerpoint or keynote file (Mac), open it, klick on the yellow line and use your right mouse pointer to move the points. Per factor you can choose a position between the inner prescribed  and the outer sharp emergent zone.
  3. Jenny explains how to draw footprints of emergence with the word-template
  4. Jenny adds further information about aspects of the footprints related to our presentation at the 10th Networked Learning Conference in Lancaster, 2016
  5. information about the factors of the footprints

Literature and videos

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