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Jumping from the three meter tower

Posted on: September 17, 2018

I’m not a great coward, I think – but to jump into water from a certain height is scary for me. So when my son was about 10 years old it took all my courage and a lot of persuasion from his side to made me jump from one meter!

But a week ago I jumped from the three meter tower – something I never intended or thought about to do.

There was this window of opportunity for me because:

  • it was the last hour at the last day before the the public swimming facility closed its doors,
  • there was a nice small group of people jumping and
  • I used reflection-in-action between my first idea to jump and the actual act.

So – I was swimming my rounds and observing how the pool supervisor was teasing people to jump from the 3 or 5 meter tower. And then the idea to jump emerged in my head – and I wanted to try it out. I reflected in action to find a way how I could jump as well. I felt good in this small community of people in the swimming facility. Our mood was slightly sad as summer was ending and we were excited because there was such nice weather at this last day.

I realised I needed support to jump. I swam to one nice young woman who had just jumped from the three meter tower and asked her how it was. She told me that it was her first time and that it is important to move quickly at the diving board. I shouldn’t stop and look down. I thought this sounds like a useful strategy.

I swam another round observing more people jumping. Then I left the water and went to the pool supervisor. I gave him my glasses and informed him that I will jump for the first time in my life. I climbed up the ladder to the diving board and jumped!

The reflection-in-action method helped me to use this window of opportunity. In the coming autumn I will be well equipped to deal with scary situations.

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