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Assessing the AtLETyC MOOC

Posted on: October 26, 2017

In week 2 in the Learning with MOOCs for professional development MOOC we were asked to assess a MOOC to know if this MOOC is right for me. As I’m facilitator of week 1 in the AtLETyC MOOC I decided to choose this MOOC for the task. (I built this MOOC in collaboration with the project team as well)

Clear description

Look for a clear description of the course – including the breakdown of the modules available, its intended learning goals and outcomes; do they match your requirements?

In the overview section there is a clear description about


Examine the materials available on the course – ensure the video is of high quality, and that there are e-books and other high quality materials available to download as part of the course

At the moment the MOOC is in its week 1 and only the material of this week is visible. The videos are of good quality, we invested a lot of time to produce them. There are no e-books as the experts / facilitators of the week wanted the learners to engage with other learners and to get to know how this MOOC works.


Who is the provider of the MOOC? Has it come from a reputable university or other provider?

The provider of the MOOC is the AtLETyC project consortium. The project aims at top-ranking athletes and their need to know about business. The partners are sports or business departments of universities and companies who support top-ranking athletes in ‘career development’ and ’employment service’.


Is the MOOC on one of the recognised platforms?

No recognised MOOC platform is used, we built the AtLETyC MOOC on wordpress. We value the openness of access. Everybody can participate without password.


Are there opportunities to work in groups and with other participants – to share ideas and experience, through the use of online communication tools? Can you interact with an instructor?

The tasks are formulated according to the approach of Gilly Salmon’s e-tivities – and the learners are contributing in an open way – writing many many comments. For example see Assignment 1.2. Connecting sports and entrepreneurship. Facilitators and moderators/conveners are supporting the learners.


Will the learners receive continuous feedback and tracking of progression?

There’s no tracking possibility. The conveners and facilitators are giving as much individual feedback as possible. Furthermore the conveners are monitoring the learning process, and they are responsible to decide who will get a badge. For the first target group, the super athletes, local conveners will help them if they encounter (language) problems.


Does the MOOC offer a certificate or statement of participation?



Check to see if the MOOC has been based on the regular courses of a formal programme.

Within the first phase of the AtLETyC project there was an evaluation phase to understand the needs of the athletes. The MOOC is based on this analysis.


Look for some sort of quality label or evidence of a quality assurance process.

Within the project a lot of quality assurance activities are embedded.

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