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Posted on: February 27, 2016

After my sabbatical of six months and the possibility to enhance the ‘life’ factor of my work-life balance by traveling, improving a foreign language, enjoying very impressive wonders of nature I’m back at work.

And : the most import topic in these first weeks of work are MOOCs.

In the first week of the NRC01PL MOOC I dealt with opposite terms:

  • design versus environment – slides 16 – 20 of Downes presentation ‘beyond instructional design
  • instruction versus learning –  Aras Bozkurt very useful blogpost 
  • personalized versus personal – in the openedx platform there was an intense discussion about these two aspects in a learning environment

I recognized how much I prefer the environment metaphor, learning instead of instruction and personal decisions instead of a personalized framework. At the moment I enjoy the freedom in this MOOC and that ideas and thoughts can emerge without constraints. I love it to scan the #NRC01PL tweets and to react.

And I believe that it is easier to learn in this MOOC if you are ‘elderly‘, with high IT skills and good understanding of English (Personal Learning MOOC Survey 1). I realize that my students with a different background (and age) (but better English) have many good reasons to struggle with open learning scenarios based on connectivism and emergent learning.


Bahia Lapataia – Tierra del fuego

2 Responses to "MOOCs, MOOCs, MOOCs #NRC01PL #BizMOOC"

I can see that you are very busy again Jutta. I expect you are already missing the peace of Tierra del Fuego. I found the design vs environment slides useful too, so thanks for drawing attention to that.

I’m not sure that it’s ‘easier’ to learn in the MOOC “if you are ‘elderly‘, with high IT skills and good understanding of English”. More that many in the MOOC are in this category. I think it’s probably more to do with prior experience and maybe it’s not surprising that the elderly with high IT skills and a good understanding of English have more experience of learning in open environments. Many of them are probably the people who were attracted to MOOCs in the first place and the first MOOC was 8 years ago and the first open online courses even more years ago.

It’s 5 years since we met in Change 11 🙂

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