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Reflecting emergent traveling experiences

Posted on: February 21, 2016

Footprints of emergence are a great tool to reflect learning scenarios. You can understand a learning process as traveling – and on the other hand see traveling as a learning process.

I spent the last months from 15. October 2015 until 30. Januar 2016 traveling in Argentine, and a little bit in Chile and Brasilia as well. I visited the south of Argentine – Patagonia, the middle – Buenos Aires (province and city) and Rosario, the northeast – La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza and Valparaíso en Chile, the north – Iguazú (the great waterfalls), Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán. From October 2015 to 31. December 2015 I was traveling alone, in January 2016 I travelled together with my husband Gert in the north of Argentine.

About once a month I reflected my experiences with a footprint of emergent learning.

  1. footprint of my “travel design”, which I discussed in my last post.
  2. first day in Patagonia after two weeks in Buenos Aires and Rosario
  3. reflecting three weeks in Patagonia 03-footprint-after-patagonia-nov15
  4. at the end of the year reflecting the period of traveling alone 04-footprint-end-if-traveling-alone-dec15
  5. reflecting January, traveling with my husband  05-fotoprint-norden-argentinien-jan16

2nd footprint (yellow)

Some facts about the first two weeks of my journey: 15. Oktober flight to Buenos Aires, walking in the city, living in a hotel. First week – Monday to Friday: spanisch course in a small language school, living with a an elderly woman. Second week: Sunday to Friday: visit of my family in Rosario, going there by bus. 31.10. Saturday flight to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego.

Reflection (31. October): This footprint is challenging but ok. The first two weeks in Argentina went very well and I feel confident of my future in Patagonia. In this footprint based on my experiences until now I mostly value the factors according to my feelings for the next 20 days in Patagonia. How I’m feeling now about this future.

I don’t feel a lot of risk. I have reservations for the next four days in Ushuaia, after that I haven’t planned yet where to go and what to do. But I spoke with my cousin Ligia in Rosario about my travel and she suggested possibilities and connected me with her friend Yamila, who lives in El Chaltén and who can help me.

The lines of the clusters open/structure and interactive environment look similar, oscillating between the emergent and sharp emergent zone. My travel will be exciting, I will see a lot, meet many different people.

In the cluster agency of course the self-organization is challenging, but identity as well. Who am I? Traveling alone, far away from everybody. Who can I be?

3rd footprint (orange)

Some facts: I spent some days in Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia and Río Grande), crossed the Trait of Magellan in a ferry boat, visited the Chilean part of South-Patagonia (Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Parque Torres del Paine), and the Argentine highlights (El Calafate with the glacier Perrito Moreno, El Chaltén with Fitz Roy and other great mountains).

Reflection (25. November): Patagonia with sun and snow, traveling in buses and ships, walking the mountains, not being able to get money at the bank or to pay with a card (5 days in El Chaltén), seeing incredible landscapes, meeting very different persons, people traveling, people working, getting a lot of help in the decisions what to do.

I organized the trip in the Chilean part of Patagonia by myself and Yamila booked my hotels in El Calafate and El Chaltén. Our interaction was stressful for me because internet in Tierra del Fuego didn’t work well and I didn’t know what she needs from me.

The footprint is as I’m feeling now – with the history of Patagonia, not looking in the future.

In the open/structure cluster I’m in the emergent zone. The values are a little bit lower than in the yellow footprint. Now I’m an advanced traveller, the space I create is mostly a secure space.

With respect to  the interactive environment there is such a lot of diversity,  from nature to people, observing the elections of a new president, reading newspapers.

I’m challenged in self organization and autonomy. E.g. I’m a little bit afraid of doing simple things as going to the cinema, getting a ticket for the theater. In these encounters with people the language is specific and focussed, and I struggle with understanding and using the right words.

And – the factor solitude and contemplation was challenging but nevertheless there were casual encounters as well 🙂

Fourth footprint (green)

Some facts: In the last month of my traveling alone I went to San Clemente del Tuyú at the Pacific for 6 days, flew to La Rioja in the Northeast, visited Villa Unión and the Talampaya Parque, stayed in San Juan and Mendoza, took the bus across the Andes and went to Valparaíso, Chile at the Pacific. I stayed 6 days in Valparaiso looking for a possibility to swim in the ocean and turned to Buenos Aires via Santiago de Chile.

Reflection (31. December): In December I struggled with being alone. Traveling was not such a large challenge any more and I had a lot of time with myself during the 6 days stays at the Pacific and Atlantic. I realised that I was very happy to be alone in my first 1,5 month but not so much in the month. My perception of my identity changed: I’m happy to be alone, sometimes – 2,5 month were too much. Sometimes I was happy that the days passed. I was looking forward to meeting Gert at the end of the year.

Therefore in the footprint the cluster of open/structure changed.

The time around Christmas I spent with my family – without any time for myself, chatting all day about politics, and then I was happy to have 2 days in Buenos Aires for myself again.

Now I’m very curios how traveling with Gert will be.

Fifth footprint (pink)

Some facts: My husband and I met at Iguazú at the famous waterfalls for New Year’s Eve. Then we flew to Salta and by car we visited Jujuy (with the famous salt lakes), the province of Salta and Tucumán where we spent a night in the observatory Ampimpa. The last days we stayed in Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Reflection (21. February 16): The footprint as a whole is in the zone of (sweet) emergent learning. Traveling together is challenging with respect to my identity, but is not the much experimental, I’m not that autonomous, and the factors of networking and meeting others’ minds have smaller values.

It’s noticeable that the cluster presence/writing only shows some emergent aspects. Traveling together means that I’m more mindful of my partner, of our traveling together and less mindful of other people or my own writing and reflecting.

8 Responses to "Reflecting emergent traveling experiences"

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[…] Footprints have been drawn not only by learners, but by teachers, designers and researchers, both for formal and informal learning experiences. Jutta, for example, has recently travelled extensively in Argentina and Chile and used the footprints to reflect on her emergent learning experience of travelling alone. See […]

I consider this blogpost very interesting, because you are describing learning while travelling. A great idea! I’ve tried the Footprints with some courses, but perhaps I should try some more general object, living as retired or something like that..

Hi Heli, was it difficult for your students using the footprints? I’m using them for a lot of different cases e.g. cooperation in my team, reflecting collaborative writing of a paper with a colleague, my learning experiences (including traveling or a conference). For me they are very useful because I get new ideas drawing a footprint, looking at it, discussing it.
What about your learning experiences, did you draw footprints reflecting them? Bye, Jutta

Hi Jutta, I am retired since 2010 so I don’t have any students any more. I described my own experiences via Footprints in the Wikispace (you know where), about CCK08 and EDCMOOC .
Just thinking that who in Finland could be interested to try the Footprints. It is a very interesting method. I’ve followed Jenny and you all these years 🙂

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Jutta, love your graphics format.

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