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Travelling as learning experience

Posted on: October 8, 2015

In the next months I will be travelling in Argentina. As I believe that we learn a lot in new and strange learning environments I want to reflect my ‘travel learning design’ drawing a footprint of emergence.

The footprints of emergence are a great method to explore the boundaries of learning. How open is the learning design, how challenging is my learning experience? How much will I grow in the next months? Where will I find secure, protective environments?

I will leave Europe in the middle of October and return at the end of January. During this time I will not work because of a sabbatical leave. I have planned the first 20 days of my travel in detail – I  know where I will sleep, I will attend a Spanish class in Buenos Aires, visit a part of my family in Rosario, fly to Ushuaia where I have booked two excursions as well. In November and December I will travel from Tierra del Fuego to Buenos Aires. During this time I’m free to decide where to stay and where to go. On 31. December I have a reservation for a flight to Iguazu where I will meet my husband to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. In January we will travel in the northern part of Argentina.


Reflecting my travel design I’m asking myself:

  • Will I succeed to be ‘happy’ travelling alone? Will I meet interesting people? (on the other hand I’m very looking forward to be alone, free, without need of discussions what to do and when)
  • How will I deal with this lot of free time? Will I learn to do ‘nothing’, maybe only observing nature, people,…? Normally I’m busy all the time – and during my travel I will not be able to carry enough books with me (and I will not use ebooks).
  • Will I emerge into Argentina’s way of life, understanding the language, catch a glimpse how people life in Patagonia?

Before I discuss my footprint in detail I’m curios what you think about it 😉




6 Responses to "Travelling as learning experience"

Dear Jutta, I think your footprint reflects what you are writing quite well. I understand that you expect the coming experience to be challenging for you. Many of the factors are near chaos and nothing at all prescribed.
I am curious about the foorprint you will draw when you return 🙂

Dear Natasa, I would not design such a learning experience for my students – let’s see how I will deal with it when I’m in Argentina 🙂

[…] das Lerndesign meiner Reise in einem Footprint of emergence (eine nähere Erklärung dazu gibt es hier) zeigt, dass mir eine offene, herausfordernde Lernerfahrung […]

Jutta – first – I wish you a wonderful journey and I will be thinking about you. Your footprint is fascinating. I have two rhetorical questions (i.e. no need to answer). If you like solitude and contemplation – which you must do to plan a trip like this – why isn’t it more in the sweet emergent zone? And – alternatively – if the whole footprint depicts anticipation of a challenging experience – why isn’t identity also near the edge of chaos. If I were to do a trip on my own like this, then I would expect it to be significantly challenging to my identity.

I think you will have an absolutely wonderful time. That’s not to say that everything will go right all the time – but I would expect it to be significant event in your life. I hope so.

Have fun and I look forward to following your travels, if you are able to and wish to get on line. You might decide that your need for solitude extends to not being online 🙂


Thank you, Jenny, for your considerations 🙂

Liebe Jutta, ich verfolge Deinen blog, da ich gerne im nächsten Dezember ein bisschen Zeit in Argentinien, speziell Buenos Aires, verbringen möchte. Gern würde ich Dir diesbezüglich die eine oder andere Frage stellen und dazu gern – anderweitig – mit Dir in Kontakt kommen. Wäre das möglich und wenn ja, wie?
LG Vera
P.S. Te deseo un prospero ano nuevo!

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