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Plan your activities and get connected in the cope15 MOOC

Posted on: April 16, 2015

Assignment 1.2 in the cope15 MOOC invites the learners to plan their participation. Their answers (59 learners) cover a broad range of intentions.

How I will learn

Concrete ideas

  • decide level of participation as well as the form of it on a week to week basis.
  • Last year I mainly participated via the blog platform, using social networks from time to time – this turned out to be a working solution, so I keep it this way.
  • That is why my primary strategy will be a rather passive one at the beginning by only fulfilling the given assignments and then – when I have already become a little bit more familiar with the whole system – I am planning to actively participate and to contribute with valuable inputs
  • my plan is to get into the system and to get to know everything, and to make the assignments
  • fulfilment of assignments (as far as I can::)
  • Posting regularly (just comments, no blogs)
  • I love getting badges
  • I will do as many tasks as I have time to, because I think MOOC might be a good opportunity to learn effectively
  • to be honest – I don’t have plans for the next weeks yet.

The Newbies

  • Since this is new to me, I am a little bit unsure about how this will work
  • I do not really know on what to expect from the MOOC way of learning
  • I am not sure about what I should expect from this online course
  • Actually i do not know what i should expect
  • I absolutely do not know how it works, but i am quite excited about all this
  • I like to explore new environments, so I’m just curious
  • First of all, I would like to learn how MOOC works and afterwards I am ready to plan my activities and to get connected

The optimistic newbies

  • I think we will get into it soon
  • Right now it is a bit challenging for me to understand the whole system, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out pretty soon.
  • So I guess in general, I’m trying to figure out, ho this system is working.
  • I hope that during the weeks I’ll become a MOOC-expert :p
  • During this 6 weeks of course I will do my best
  • I also hope to get more accommodated and used to the website and the methods
  • I hope that I will soon be able to understand how MOOC works
  • I am sure it will be fun

Autonomous learners

  • It’s good to let anyone decide free to accomplish a task at any time.
  • Working at your own time sounds really great to a night owl like myself…

Where I will learn

  • For the beginning I try to follow on fb too
  • Maybe I will post some activities about my MOOC at google+
  • but rather stick to the comment section
  • Because of my full time table I will just stick to writing comments
  • look at hangouts

Expectation about the method

  • My expectations of MOOC is to get a better understanding of the new learning method.
  • to get to know something about MOOC and e-learning.
  • to get an overview of how Mooc works
  • I expect to get a better understanding of the online learning process


  • I am curious about how all the different participants will interact and communicate in this medium
  • I am planning to get in touch with people from outside Austria to see how they think
  • to get in touch with many other people and to learn something about other cultures
  • I’m also very interested in the input from other participants here.
  • I hope to get to know some new and interesting people
  • meet new people and having fun
  • it would be also nice to get to know some new students.
  • I hope to get in touch with people i don’t know until now and maybe we became friends. It would be a pleasure for me to have friends all over the world.

Expectations about the content

  • I will learn some new things and topics
  • a more overall understanding of globalisation and communication between different cultures
  • I hope to learn a lot of new things
  • I hope that I will soon be able to understand how MOOC works
  • There are some really interesting topics we can work on.

After two days in cope15 I’m really excited how these people will proceed in their learning processes.


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