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How to start a MOOC? – reflecting Dave Cormier’s Rhizomatic Learning MOOC

Posted on: January 19, 2014

Finally I find the time to immerse myself in Dave Cormier’s MOOC about Rhizomatic Learning.

I’m especially interested into week one and how Dave acts to involve learners – because I’m preparing a MOOC by myself: MOOC: Competences for Global Collaboration – #cope14 and as one of the facilitators I want to reflect Dave’s approach.

In his introductory video Dave invites us learners to introduce ourselves via a blog, the facebook page, the Google+ page or as comment on the web page (these are the same virtual rooms we plan to use in #cope14) and to follow the twitter hashtag #rhizo14. He says that it is important for us to get to know a couple of people and that some people get to know me. This is task 1.

For advanced learners he introduces a challenge = task 2: we should cheat … which is only possible in hierarchies and if there exists only one answer. Cheating disrupts power structures.

Task 3 ist around the topic of the MOOC, we should describe how we see the rhizome in learning.

As learner I want to get connected so I will visit all the virtual meeting places and look around. I didn’t understand the task around cheating probably because cheating was really prohibited in my early learning experiences and I do not like to cheat. As teacher and trainer I try to create tasks were cheating doesn’t work and where it is legit to include the wisdom of others. So I will go and look around how others understood task 2 🙂 I will probably skip the Bonus task 3 🙂

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