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Reflection of the creativity MOOC of Tina Seelig #xcc13

Posted on: July 4, 2013

Finally I reflected my experience of the Crash Course on Creativity, a MOOC guided by Tina Seelig, Stanford University hosted on the NovoEd platform.


My footprint of the creativity MOOC 2013

My learning experience was great in this MOOC. I appreciated the open concept, the great learning platform of NovoEd which supported interaction, the transparency – every activity was open, I could look at all activities, read all discussions also the group discussions of other groups, I could browse through the assignments, could admire the great results of the other learners.

Therefore my footprint is an open one. I was challenged in this MOOC, there were so many ways to learn and discuss (mp = multi path in the scary zone). There were many many network activities (FIN), it was a very multimodal experience (XM).

Nearly all factors are in the zone of emergent learning – between 11 and 27. From my point of view there were no purely prescribed factors (<= 10), and we could also negotiate our outcomes a little bit (NegO).

I would never have assumed that a xMOOC could be that open – shame on me!

Williams Roy T. Mackness Jenny & Gumtau Simone (2012). Footprints of EmergenceInternational Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 13(4) S.49-90

Cluster Factor Value Abbr. Discussion
Lern-Umgebung – Offenheit versus Struktur – Open / structure Fehler 23 Risk there was a certain risk  to get lost, to are not able to respond to the overhelming experience with more than 25.000 learners
Abgrenzungen / Schwellen Liminal spaces 20 Lim the concept was open, there were no barriers, I went into the experience, used what I have learned in other contexts, …
Zweideutigkeit 23 Amb there was ambiguity in the mooc, what to do, where to go, how to fulfil or not fulfil the tasks
Ergebnisvorgaben Unpredictable outcomes 25 UnO yes, for me there was an unexpected outcome, I didn’t expect to get to know the Clearing platform of the future (NovoEd)
Störung Disruption 16 Disr there was some disruption to my learning – where to go, what to do – but I felt comfortable
Selbstkorrektur 24 S/C there was a lot of space for self correction
Mehrere Lernpfade Multipath 29 Mp and in my group we had many different paths to learn and cooperate (about 40 google documents, a goodle+ community with hangouts, many discussions in the group forum and many many many group mails in the inbox)
Interaktivität der Lernumgebung – Interactive environment Vielfalt Diversity 22 Div my learning experience was diverse
Erlebnis / Erfahrung Experiential 25 Exp and the learning space and the content, the task – everything was experimental
Umgebung passt sich an Adaptive 20 Adap the environment was adaptive, f.e. Tina wanted first that the cooperating groups were small and later she accepted really large groups as well
(Mit)Entwicklung Co-evolution 17 Co-Ev co-evolution: the course evolved with us learners, and for me it was a pleasant experience
Zusammenarbeit & Networking Frequent Interaction and Networking 28 FIN in our serendipity group we had a lot of networking, sometimes it was to much!
Vertrauen 21 Trust it was an environment where I quickly had a lot of trust in Tina, the concept, the platform, the other learners – which is astonishing because I was very sceptical of learning in a cMOOC
Bewusstsein / Einstellung Theory of Mind 22 ToM as learner I was stimulated to explore and profit of the minds of othe learners
Raum für persönliche Entwicklung – agency Modalität Cross-modal, multi-modal 29 XM my participation was multimodal, there were many differents channels, experiences, my senses were stimulated – audio, video, a lot of text, graphics, …. Overhelming
Offene Anforderungen Open Affordances 20 O Aff the affordances were open, we learners could decide in which direction to go, how to do it – there were only a few restrictions
Selbstorganisation 25 SOrg there was this weekly rythm but nevertheless I had to organize myself
Autonomie 23 A my autonomy in this course was large and I liked it
Verhandelbarkeit von Ergebnissen Negotiated outcomes 13 NegO we had to negotiate our work in the learning group a lot, on the other side the framework of the tasks was strict, with deadlines and clear instructions
Identität 27 ID during the course I could experience many different roles, the concept was open and gave us room
Eigener Stil, Selbstpräsenz – presence / writing Alleine arbeiten, Einkehr Solitude and contemplation 22 S&C solitude and contemplation – in spite of the lot of group communication and interaction I was sitting alone puzzling about how to be creative 😉 and working on small pits and pieces
Gespräche(Casual encounters/ conversations) 22 CC yes, I had casual encounters with persons but as well objects = results of the tasks, there were very creative persons in the creativity MOOC and I enjoyed their work a lot
Zusammenarbeit / Treffen Networks encounters, engagment 27 Net the course encouraged me to network with different persons, in different networks, and the platform seduced my to look around a lot, to get into contact
Multimedia / Medienvielfalt Hybrids, informal/ante-formal 21 Hyb the environment was open and I could choose in which way to learn
Informalität In/formal writing and inscriptions 22 In/F the interactions were easy and open

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