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Group building and collaborating in the creativity xMOOC #xcc13

Posted on: May 10, 2013

During the first 2 weeks the 22.000 learners in Stanford’s creativity xMOOC by Tina Seelig worked individually on their tasks. But already in week 2 the team forming process started. Many participants were launching team names and looking for team members. At this time the information for participants was that also groups of 1 person will be allowed.

I was attracted by a team with the name “Serendipity” because I love the concept of serendipity – and I was happy that the team leader Steve accepted my participation. In short time more than 30 persons wanted to join “Serendipity” and were accepted. Then Steve put a stop to the quick growth of our team.

Among the team members there were a lot of contacts and exchanges, today (day 5 in week 3) our team journal consists of 30 treads with many contribution and every day I get about 50-80 mail contributions in my conversation mail box. Such a big team needs a lot of communication.

To get something done with regard to the task (we have to use chewing gum in a creative way … my problem with this task is that I hate chewing gum!) we are using many google documents, e.g. a brainstorming document, a concept choice document, a voting document, and so on. Some team members are having hangouts as well and we have a pinterest page full of beautiful pictures of … gums.

Therefore I was really shocked on Wednesday night as Tina told us that she will not accept teams bigger than 12 persons. How could we split up? I thought about the marvelous persons I got to know in the Serendipity group and was frustrated. But – during my night of Wednesday Tina changed her mind (probably more persons were as disappointed as I) and wrote that she will accept all team results independently of team size.

The biggest challenge for my team is now the decision which of the many great ideas we should implement. There exists already a preselection of 7-10 choices but nevertheless we should agree to implement one.

I’m very confident that we will make a sound decision and create an awesome  assignment.

Link to the hangout of Tina, with people discussing their learning experiences in the xMOOC.

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