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First impression of the creativity xMOOC #xcc13

Posted on: Mai 3, 2013

After nearly 2 weeks I want to reflect my first impressions of participating in the creativity xMOOC:

  • The xMOOC is fun – and it’s not as prescriptive as I suspected.
  • The first week was easy. The learning material consisted of a video of Tina Selig (18 minutes and I watched them all in spite of my dislike of videos) and some paragraphs of her book inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity. I got used to the platform and and wrote some answers in the forum.
  • I was impressed by the difference of people attending the course, and I learnt that persons from Bangladesh or Iran cannot open youtube videos.
  • The first assignment was a challenge – I had to design the cover of my autobiography and add a description of myself. I discussed the task with my family and decided to take a picture of my balcony, add two footprints and my twitter pic.


  • At the end of week 1 I have spent about 4 hours in the MOOC and was satisfied.

Week 2, which isn’t finished yet, is different. In this week we should pay attention, take a silent walk and be open to everything happening.

  • In the learning material there were many small videos about how to be creative which I didn’t enjoy much – but in one of the videos Tom Kelley, IDEO asked us to pay attention like a traveler – I like this metaphor 🙂
  • I did some walking and cycling – and my mind map is in the middle of it’s development.
  • This week I started to get into contact with others and that’s really interesting. We have to form teams – out of 22.000 participants – and it works. I was attracted to the team „Serendipity“ because I like the concept of serendipity a lot. And for me it works to get contact, exchange brief statements with others, and I’m feeling a little bit connected as well.
  • Doing teamwork needs time – so this week I will not get along with 4 or 5 hours. I invest my time looking at the book covers of others, investigating profiles, writing posts. And I’getting really many many emails – maybe I should change the settings in my profile.
  • I was prejudiced against the platform (being password-protected and not open) but it’s a great platform for getting into contact with others. Social media tools are included and posts can be voted and contributions can be liked. And I’m dealing successfully with f.e. a forum with 898 threads and 7441 posts!

At the moment my personal status in the platform is: team rank 5 golden stars (wow, isn’t it?), 29 replies, received 8 votes, initiated 0 threads, submitted one assignment.

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