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Starting to participate in a new MOOC #xcc13

Posted on: April 20, 2013

I’m excited because on Monday I will start with a new MOOC – and this time it’s a xMOOC, the Crash Course on Creativity which will last for 6 weeks. The „instructor“ is Tina Seelig, Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures – so in the case of a xMOOC it’s called instructor and not facilitator as it was the case in the Change11 MOOC.

The summary of the course page contains „The course is highly experiential, requiring each student to participate actively, taking on weekly projects.“ – and that I’m expected to spend between 1 – 5 hours a week on the course. By doing all te preparational stuff – and reflecting it in my blog I probably will already have spent these hours before the course begins …

As there is no hint of a tag I will use #xcc13 for this MOOC, the „x“ for the xMOOC and the cc for course and creativity.

Today I got an E-Mail full of details how I should prepare myself for the MOOC, and that’s it:

  • Ok – I took a look at the video which explains the possibilites of the virtual room.
  • schedule: as „new lectures and assignments will be posted on Mondays (right after midnight Pacific time)“ I hate different time zones – and I’m looking and not finding an easy and cool time zone converter … but I believe and hope, that „right after midnight Pacific time“ would mean right after 9:00 AM in Graz, Austria. I will test on Monday if my calculation was right 😉
  • facebook group: I joined the fb group as well – and people there are already very excited …
  • And I did scan some videos, f.e. Changing the World through Innovation by Stanford President John Hennessy, Ideas Come from Everywhere by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Tom Kelley, Managing Director of IDEO – not being a „video-type“ I didn’t enjoy the videos so much.

Until tomorrow I will sharpen my objectives of participating in the xMOOC on creativity.

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