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Youth employment between permantent position, insecure labour conditions and precarisation pressure

Posted on: April 4, 2013

Notes to the talk of Dr. Klaus Mehrens, Hamburg Social Europe Journal; IG MEtall / DGB

At the 7th SUPI Conference, FH JOANNEUM, Graz

Today he will speak about the younger generation (14-34) – about their a survey of their personal circumstances and live conditions in comparison to the generation 35+ .

How are they affected by precarity? How does precarity develop? Social status of precariously employed – attitudes towards precarious employment – personal and general future prospects

  • frequently to younger employees than to the elder generation
  • precarious employment increases for the younger and decreases for the older generation
  • future prospects: the younger generation believes that they will lead a better life than their parents, the rest of the population do not believe it.
  • The rating depends on the social status.
  • 73% of the younger generation believes that they will have a better life or at least a life as good as their parents. WHEREAS: the older generation: only 31% believe they have a better life or a life as good as their parents had. 
  • Younger generation; 38% look into the future with confidence, 62% with worries – so they graded their personal possibilities for development more positive than the development of society.

Capitalism is too powerful.

Key challenges for politics and society

  • ecological change
  • regulation of financial market
  • regulation for temporary work
  • higher taxation of top-incomes

Discussion: How can the younger generation believe in a better future for themselves and are concerned about society? Answer: When they think about their workplace, reputation they are confident. When they read the daily paper they are concerned.




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