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Reflection: what happened after the BEtreat

Posted on: January 8, 2013

At the end of July 2012 I attended the “Academic BEtreat” of  Etienne Wenger and Beverly Wenger-Trayner together with 8 f2f learners in California and 7 online learners (my posts about the BEtreat are collected here) – and today we will meet online to reflect:

“How are things unfolding since BEtreat ’12 – stories about what you have put into practice or not” (Mail of Bev + Etienne)

This post helps me to prepare myself for our online reunion. Looking back I remember that the experience of this BEtreat mixture of f2f workshop and online group helped me to get a deeper understanding of online and f2f processes.

After the BEtreat I continued to think about my booth focussing on: How could I integrate the online socialisation process into open courses?


I discussed this question with different persons at conferences and in working groups and I decided that I wanted to integrate the approach of online sozialisation in a rather small group with the challenge of an open course in a not so small group.

Before Christmas I developed a course design which will be tested during the next 5 weeks. In the course “Content strategy” the participants who were willing to register are invited into a facebook group to familiarize with each other and to develop a common commitment for the following open course on Google+. The phase of online socialization in fb will last for 10 days, the open course “Content strategy” with reading materials, questions and online conferences with experts will last for 3 weeks – in this open phase of the course I expect the participation of further participants. I’m very curios how this concept will work (and I’m happy that my colleague Erika will lead the moderation of the fb group).

After the BEtreat I wanted to read the material about the “Value creation framework” in detail and I planned to deepen my study of Wenger’s “Communities of practice” – but as life is short and all the time there is a lot of urgent work to do I didn’t succeed in doing it.

Last but not least I’m very happy that I got to know the article Footprints of emergence by Roy Trevor Williams, Jenny Mackness, Simone Gumtau – I’m in contact with Jenny and her team and at the moment I’m working on a paper about these footprints with my colleagues Erika and Gudrun where we want to discuss and analyze three of our courses with the footprint approach.

3 Responses to "Reflection: what happened after the BEtreat"

Hi Jutta – I am very interested in your open course. How many participants are you expecting and why did you choose Google+ for the platform? Look forward to hearing more about it.

Hi Jenny 🙂

In my first open course last year (only open and only google+) there were about 60-65 participants. 17 of them completed the evaluation form and they were greatly satisfied with the course (topic: creation of a network in google+), used about 7 hours a week and did at least 50 percent of the tasks.
But … I as moderator had a different feeling. They mostly wrote only few contributions in google+ (my observation) and used the comment function a lot. In my opinion they didn’t socialize with each other (or only a little bit) and didn’t learn a lot from each other (they appreciated the inputs of the expert via google+ hangouts.

This time I’m curios what the fb group will change. There are 21 participants for the fb group and after that I don’t know…. I’m expecting about 40-60 persons. We will see 🙂

Bye, Jutta

Thanks Jutta. It will be really interesting to see whether the Facebook socialisation transfers to Google+.

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