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Another MOOC – was it the right decision?

Posted on: September 12, 2012

Some minutes ago I logged in for my second MOOC – openess in education – as I’m so motivated of MOOCs at the moment  and I love learning in MOOCs – being at the GMW 2012 conference to speak about my experience of the Change11 MOOC!

But – was it the right decision?

  • A MOOC needs time – and in October the new semester will start.
  • Is the topic interesting enough with respect to my  narrow timescale?
  • Will I be brave enough to skip modules and / or eventually become a drop-out? (I have no competences to drop-out!)

So, what would be my minimum requirements?

  • To follow the MOOC in 5 modules (out of 7)
  • To become active in 4 modules  (blog, tweet, diigo-group – after my reflection in the last blog contribution I will not join the forum)

Ok, so I will try it and start soon 🙂

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3 Responses to "Another MOOC – was it the right decision?"

Brave jupidu! Great idea to set out some requirements for yourself and to consider what makes sense along with other priorities. Remember that moocs are the one space in which it is perfectly fine to do as much or as little as you need to. Keep well and enjoy!

Hi Brainysmurf 🙂
Do you know that I will mention you tomorrow – “If you don’t like messy learning, don’t play in the snow” – because I loved your post so much! And what about your puppy -it’s probably already a big dog?
Bye, jupidu

[…] my work (a lot of conferences and classes). Therefore I outlined a framework for my activities in my first post – I wanted to check 5 of the 7 modules and to  be active in 4 of them. As I wrote 4 posts about […]

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