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In the middle of BEtreat

Posted on: August 1, 2012

Today is already Wednesday in the BEtreat – and this night I slept well and long, having been online until after midnight.

Yesterday the technique worked well, but we were limited as we could only use Skype audio and Skype chat. We did a lot of theoretical discussions about Wenger’s chapters about: communities and learning, boundaries and scale and identity. Fortunately the participants contributed with practical examples as well.

Plan for today: read the chat protocols (Bev did a great job writing notes) and reflect (I’m curios if this will work).

Based on yesterday’s discussion and because it was the topic of my preparatory reading as well I’m thinking about identity and belonging in context with the BEtreat training:
  • I’m belonging to the BEtreat online group of course – we are 8 persons, but as Junko comes from Japan she cannot attend all sessions (for Junko we are starting at 0:00!)
  • And there is a sub-group of Jenny and myself as Change MOOCers – we have been in online contact during the last 10 months.
  • Then I’m in another sub-group with Cristina as she is Italian and living near :-).
  • I’m part of  another sub-group as well, of our leadership group. We are social reporters and according to the Wengers’ plan we are “responsible for creating a shared, internal memory” – but our WIKI is nearly empty, I’m strongly missing pictures of the f2f group working.
  • Probably I should be in a sub-group with my buddy as well (every online person has a f2f buddy) but as she didn’t enter skype once yesterday I’m without buddy.

Plan for today: urgently get in contact with the f2f group and my buddy!

I believe we in the BEtreat group have a serious time problem. The agenda is ultra full and as there are so many discussions the breaks are shortened and during breaks there are tech checks if necessary. After following an online discussion of 2 hours I’m happy to have a break myself as well. So I do not get in contact with others f2f – and as there is a bandwidth problem as well the f2f participants normally are not online as well.

If the objective of the training is to discuss theory and to listen to Etienne as much as possible yesterday /Tuesday with a full agenda and working audio was perfect.

As I’m a more pragmatic and applied person yesterday was ok but I’m looking forward to some development of the training – so I hope that today the theory review and preview will not need too much time.

Plan for today: Get in contact with the agenda activists and negotiate the agenda.

My interest is to build on Wenger’s theory of CoPs and to use his concepts to create our own CoP “here” in the BEtreat. This is a challenge as our CoP includes f2f AND online people.

In my experience an online group and a “mixed” group as well needs trust to learn well together. I want to get used to everybody, to have an inner picture of everybody. I have this inner picture of all online participants, I know the names and at least the skype photo (and I remember the Adobe video of Monday). But I don’t have this picture of any of the f2f participants … I only know some of the names.

To get this trust and confidence I tried the question about our favorite country which worked rather well (I will have to check who’s info is missing until now). But I would need more. I would want to get in one-to-one video conferences via skype – but not during the break but as part of the agenda! I want to speak personally to Angie, Diane, Jimmy, ….

Plan for today: Propose this idea (I’m wondering where?? Maybe I will get into contact with the community keepers).

Furthermore the f2f participants should understand what online participation means.

Plan for today: Put all the screenshots of yesterday into the social reporter wiki.

So – you other online BEtreaters, what do you think about these plans?

And you – unknown f2f BEtreaters would you like and are you ready to get in closer contact with us??

9 Responses to "In the middle of BEtreat"

All good! I am in agreement with you Jutta! I actually raised this point on Monday evening with my fellow Agenda Activists (Joan and Jimmy – Duncan was not available).

So let’s see what be negotiated 🙂

Jutta, I’ve just been looking at the social reporter’s pics… link is on the home page of Academic BEtreat. BTW, you have time now to design your half a day of the agenda – so I hope you can design some activity for everyone that engages them in an applied theory.

I’m looking forward to our half day …if we make technology working!

These reflections on your experience participating in BEtreat online are absolutely fascinating! I participated in the Cutting Edge BEtreat f2f, and regretted not making more of an effort to get to know the online participants better.

One recommendation that came out of our BEtreat workshop was to have f2f people participate online from another room in the house for some of the sessions. I thought that was a brilliant suggestion!

Today it worked much better – because we had the possibility to chat a little bit before we started to work.
And now we are trying to start our thematic group work, not that easy at all 🙂
How was the Cutting Edge BEtreat, did you write some online documentation?

The Cutting Edge BEtreat was fantastic! I have notes all over the place and hope to find some time soon to complete a few blog posts.

Hi, checked your blog post before the BEtreat and saw that you were social reporter as well 🙂 How did I work in your group?

[…] In the morning I reflected that I felt lost within the entire BEtreat group. It was not possible to see who is speaking, when the discussion was “hot”, f2f people forgot the microphones and nobody ever said his or her name before speaking. I wrote about it and developed a plan to change it – for further details take a look at my blog post: In the middle of BEtreat […]

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