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Start of the BEtreat as online participant

Posted on: July 31, 2012

Yesterday at least started the BEtreat – finally my curiosity how a training with 8 f2f participants and 8 online participants is designed will be satisfied.

But first I had to wait until 21:00 in the evening – because then it was 12:00 in California and everybody was ready to get started.

The screenshot shows a typical picture of what was coming:

  • the f2f participants sitting in 2 rows,
  • the online participants off and on via video in adobe,
  • in the right picture skype is started to make the sound working,
  • and on the left side the chat about what we could do to make the sound working.

Interesting that it’s 2012 and technology should be great by now but isn’t. My video in adobe worked well but the sound went on and off. Of course the sound vanished when the interesting parts were happening, f.e. Etienne speaking about the agenda or our roles. Additionally we had funny echos as well:

  • Sometimes it was not possible to hear the voices but the typing noise of somebody using his or her computer was very sharp.
  • A small baby made it into our sound system as well.
  • Beyond that the sound of some airplanes in California made it to my living room as well.
  • And when Duncan joined us at an airport he produced (?) a sound of big ocean waves.
  • (so from time to time we had a laugh about our efforts)

Nevertheless sometimes the sound was working, and if it didn’t work there were very nice f2f participants writing notes in the chat, so that we at least could read what was going on. Thank you!

Today we will start half an hour earlier and during night there came a mail from the Wengers with two different ways how we will outplay technical difficulties, let’s see!


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