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Preparing myself for the BeTreat

Posted on: July 4, 2012

At the end of July 2012 I will attend the “Academic BEtreat” of  Etienne Wenger and Beverly Wenger-Trayner. I’m looking forward to it – and I’m a little bit afraid as well. It seems that the training week will be mostly synchronous online with half of the group f2f in California and half of the group online (coming from all over the world). I imagine that the synchronous part will be exhausting, but we will see.

Some days ago I got an e-mail of Etienne and Bev with a really long list of things to check, to fill in, to do, to read, …. For the training Etienne and Bev are using a WIKI, which means that everybody adds and deletes – I’m not convinced that I would have such confidence to my future training participants to let them edit my texts and the texts of the other participants. But at the moment it seems to work well.

Time zones

I have to check the time differences – UTC = coordinated universal time – today  in Austria there’s the time difference UTC+02:00 whereas in California it’s UTC-07:00 – which means that there are 9 hours of time difference. 

At the moment it is 23:35 in Austria and 14:36 in California (see link).

But there will be a preparatory meeting on Monday 23.7. 6am – 7am (California time) which is 15pm-16pm Austrian time BUT when saving the data to my Google calendar Google insists that the meeting will take place from 13pm to 14pm.

Preparatory reading

Nearly all chapters of Etienne’sbook will be read by the Betreat participants (Wenger, Etienne (1998). Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.) – and I decided to read the chapters around Identity (p 143-172) to contribute to our ZML-journal club as well.

I’m a little bit disappointed that we will read Etienne’s book from 1998 and not his newer articles (e.g. about Social learning capability). Now I will start to read ..

8 Responses to "Preparing myself for the BeTreat"

Oh, I think you will really enjoy the interactions — and I bet virtually it is both intense and rewarding.

Hi Nancy, thanx for your comment – and yes, I will enjoy it and I’m really curios! Bye, jupidu

Hi Jutta… yes, online participation in BEtreat is very tiring and rather challenging – you need to come with a suitcase of playfulness to see you through. There’s still time to find a substitute

Hi Bev!
Looking for a substitute?? You are kidding me, I would never let another person attend the BEtreat instead of me!
I’m preparing myself for the BEtreat – reading, collecting Learning artefacts, reflecting about online moderation.
But of course I’m also insecure how it will work, if my English will be enough, thinking about my preparation tasks.

Bye, Jutta / jupidu

Hi Jutta… You’ve given me an idea. I’m going to ask the online participant (there was only one for state-of-the-art) if I can record her reflections about what would have prepared her best for the experience. If I manage, I’ll send it to you. Meantime, did we send you the link to a story of a compatriot of yours who did the BEtreat?

Hi Bev!
I woul be interested into the the reflection “what would have prepared her best for the experience”,
thanx jupidu
PS: Of course read the story of Lotte in detail.

p.s. If you have already read the ’98 book, you are quite welcome to read Etienne’s article on social learning capability here: But to begin with we want to be sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of the language used in the ’98 book.

Yes, I love Ettiene’s article about “Social artists” and read the other essays as well. And I posted a contribution about it (unfortunately in German)
His concepts were a topic of our journal club…
Bye, jupidu

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