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Invitation to a Massively Distributed Collaborative Learning Experiment

Posted on: June 1, 2012

As Gender in virtual spaces is one of my applied research interests I was happy to be invited to maybe contribute to a in a linked set of courses tentatively called: “Feminist Dialogues on Technology”.

The organizers are Anne Balsamo and Alex Juhasz,  the website

They aim “to activate the networks for the purposes of creating the first version of a Massively Distributed Collaborative Learning Experiment (MDCLE) on the topic of feminism and technology to be offered between September and December of 2013.”

They are looking for “around 10-20 international partners who are willing and able to teach one of the networked courses during the latter months of 2013.”

Interested persons should visit to join the FemTechNet list-serv.

Comparison: MOOC and MDCLE (Massively Distributed Collaborative Learning Experiment)

Unlike a MOOC (massively open online course), where a course is organized and disseminated from a single educational institution, the FemTechNet effort seeks to engage a network of instructors at many different kinds of educational institutions in planning and offering the first version of this course.  The course structure and topics are now being discussed by a distributed group of feminist thinkers.  We seek to engage feminist colleagues from around the world in this discussion so that we can move into the planning and structuring stage.

I’m curios what will happening in this list and will blog about it of course 🙂

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