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My many many online identities

Posted on: May 8, 2012

The topic of today’s week in the Change MOOC is “Digital identities” – Bonny Stewart explains her “six key selves of networked publics”, namely:

  • the Performative, Public Self – the self when we “do” something online and share it with others (like me writing this blog post)
  • the Quantified – or Articulated – Self – the self which is very aware of itself, its connections to others, the self who wants to get many many likes!
  • the Participatory Self – the active self of a prosumer nature (prosumption = production + consumption)
  • the Asynchronous Self – happy to think and work undisturbed and consciously choosing synchronous connections
  • the PolySocial – or Augmented Reality – Self – f.e. a SL avatar (but maybe also an “Online Self” using a lot if sophisticated web-tools ??)
  • the Neo-Liberal, Branded Self – branding himself, herself

Heli wrote his perception of this six identities in the blog post and I liked the discussion if “he is a brand” very much 🙂 Writing openly in the internet , sharing my ideas with others, promoting my posts on twitter or facebook I’m branding my online self, of course.

But – with respect to my many many online identities, they are different from Bonnie’s ones.

Languages Selfs

There are different online versions of myself with respect to the language I’m using:

  • my German online identity is a little bit boring. German is my mother tongue, I’m hopefully writing in German with only a few errors but in all my life interesting discussions and learning contexts were in other languages.
  • my English online identity is broader than the German one. I’m struggling with formulations sometimes, I’m not always sure about my English phrases –  but I like writing in English, it is a language where I have more freedom to formulate.
  • my Italian and Spanish online identities are beautiful, of course, because I love the languages and the south and hot temperatures. I can read and understand Italian and Spanish texts and when I write in these languages my quality expectations are not very high, I’m happy if my posts are understandable 🙂

Cultural Selfs regarding to the subject area

Then there’s my online identity of being a natural scientist: which means a lot of structure, no colors, no pictures, “pure” ideas, and everything can be explained.

On the other hand there exists a creative online identity as well, and I have to thank Nancy White for her week in the MOOC where she woke up and strengthened this part of my online self. She also gave me the hint to Etienne Wengers Social Artist, and in my creative online identity I accept being a Social Artist 🙂

Gender Selfs

As I’m engaged in Gender issues as well of course I have “male” and “female” and “neuter” selfs. In my online course “E-learning and Gender” the participants attend with a  nickname and a symbol, they are free of being identified as man or woman during the discussion of Gender issues. And it is very interesting for me how easy it is to forget about gender and perceive the participants according to their actions and posts.

Online versus Offline Selfs

When I’m in Italy for example, speaking Italian – which means: louder, quicker, more animated, with many gestures – my offline identity changes a little bit BUT I’m looking as my old own self, my clothes are the same, my height and weight is the same…. Online I’m free of the burden of my physical self which influences the ideas of others about me. So my offline selfs are not that diverse as my online selfs.

I love all my online identities and like to play with them.

4 Responses to "My many many online identities"

This is very interesting. You brought much material, thoughts, perspectives that broadened the view to digital selfs. I am different when using my mother tongue Finnish, I become tired with English ..

Natural scientist is near my identity, too and social artist, I should like to be more creative. This week will be very interesting, isn’t it!

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