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Do I have goals in the Change MOOC?

Posted on: April 6, 2012

After an interesting interview with Lou McGill about my MOOC experience I want to think about my goals for this MOOC again. I did some rather superficially planning at the beginning of the MOOC (see „my steps“ and „2 Ideen„) and discarded them in January. Now I want to look back, reflect and define some new goals (if possible).

Digest of the September posts (italic: content of the old blog posts)

  • What is success to you? – to succeed in contributing, getting involved – as I’m participating until now I have succeeded in getting involved and contributing
  • Plan your interaction habits. – I will try to spend 30  minutes each day, or 3,5 hours a week – overall I spent about 3,5 hours a week (some weeks more, some weeks less)
  • Manage you expectations. – I’m succeeding in this as well – after some frustrations in January when other MOOC participants changed to  new MOOCs (I asked myself if I’m the only person being left in the Change MOOC??)
  • google+ testen mit dem mooc kurs – to test Google+ within this MOOC course – I didn’t do this exactly as I planned it but I developed an open training in Google+ for staff of companies (3 weeks) who want to use the Web. It was my first experience with an open course, about 60 persons participated and it was really interesting.
  • leute sammeln, aber wie?  – how to collect other learners in the MOOC? – I established a rather small group of persons I got to know through the MOOC and I’m enjoying to read their twitter contributions and their blog posts.

Reflection of my MOOC experience writing papers during January – March 2012

  • Globales Lernen im Web – Welches Potential haben offene Online-Kurse für Bildungssysteme, Lern- und Lehrprozesse?  – Magazin – Global Learning in the Web – what is the potential of open online courses for learning?  (submitted)
  • Lernerfahrungen in einem offenen Online-Kurs – „Sensemaking” in einem Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) – GMW 2012 – Learning experiences in an open online course – Sensemaking in a MOOC  (submitted)
  • Am I smart enough to participate in a MOOC? – 11th Annual IAS-STS Conference “Critical Issues in Science and Technology Studies”  May 7-8, 2012 – Special Session: Mobile learning and working – how ‚smart technologies‘ change our lives (Abstract accepted)

Goals for the last months of the Change MOOC

  • After the reflection phase in the last months I want to „return“ to the content of the Change MOOC and I plan to intensify my collection of „people“ (I’m not sure how I will do it in detail).
  • I’m looking forward to our eLearning Conference in September 2012 where I will connect the Change MOOC to the evaluation results of my Google+ course in my keynote. Another contribution will deal about measuring of success in MOOCs (by Al Pedrazzoli, Switzerland)
  • I hope that the COST proposal for research networks where I was invited to participate in a proposal about OOCs will be successful.
  • In our ZML-journal club we will discuss the concept of connectivsm again, and I want to understand it better than until now.

1 Response to "Do I have goals in the Change MOOC?"

thanks Jutta – this is very helpful. good luck with your revised goals: )

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