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Posted on: Februar 12, 2012

Serenaturri writes

Come trasformare l’oceano di dati in conoscenza?  How to transform the ocean of data into knowledge? Come trasformare il medium digitale in un osservatorio che riflette l’ intelligenza collettiva? How to transform the digital medium into a observatory that reflects the collective intelligence? Come sfruttare questo nuovo mezzo per migliorare il processo di cognizione sociale e controllare lo sviluppo umano? How to exploit this new medium to improve the process of social cognition and how to control human development?

The problems in this process are l’opacità semantica, l’incompatibilità dei sistemi di classificazione e la frammentazione linguistica e culturale – the semantic opacity, the incompatibility of classification systems (in programming) and the linguistic and cultural fragmentation.

Jenny connected shares her impressions (in English 🙂 there were some postings in Portogues as well, but I didn’t read them…).

The focus of his book is the need for a symbolic medium and a new indexing system to replace current systems such as those based on the ways in which libraries organize information.

He writes that ‘the crowd’ is not stupid; it is essential to our collective intelligence and knowledge, but the individual’s role in collective, creative conversions is not forgotten or underplayed.

These topics are on the heart of my experiences in the Mooc as I try to organize myself, to keep an overview of all the activities, to swap languages (using Google translator sometimes – and it isn’t that bad). I’m looking for tools, which will help me in my efforts, I’m testing them – and I want to be open minded about frameworks which can support me. Nevertheless I’m sceptical that a programming language can do what I’m doing …. structuring, evaluating, skipping.

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