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Lurking in the MOOC ?

Posted on: January 26, 2012

It seems that in these weeks after Christmas I’m only lurking in the MOOC and I’m reflecting if this is ok for me??

As the semester ends there’s some grading to do, there’s a deadline for European project proposals, I’m moderating my Gender and eLearning course and I’m preparing an online training for google+ which is rather tough work. I do not have that  much time for the Change MOOC.

But I’m thinking about the  MOOC and I’m doing some work around it: writing an article about the MOOC for our university’s newsletter, working on our version of the MOOC cow, planning some articles about my MOOC experience. I even took part in the online meeting yesterday with Preetha Ram, Hua Ali and I wrote some notes about social filtering but it was not enough for a blog post.

What about you other MOOC participants? Do you share my experience of variable committment?

8 Responses to "Lurking in the MOOC ?"

Hi, jupidu. By all means, my commitment to moocs is variable and even more so now that I’m in #change11, #cck12 and #ds106 simultaneously. As I read in a ds106 post recently, “no I’m sorries”. Apologizing for one’s level of participation is a carry over of traditional education where someone else decides for you what “good” participation is supposed to look like.

You’re making your own choices and priorities and learning what works for you on any given day. No apologies or self-doubts are necessary 🙂

Yes, brainysmurf, probably my approach is a little old fashioned. I’m used to “finish” things and make them “good”. Probably this approach has some advantages but maybe in an open environment disadvantages as well.

absolutely, like you I have an already full plate, classes to teach and two new peices to finish in the studio before I can fully indulge my curiousity. So I am lurking, reading whatever sparkles and catches my eye (not very rigourous but will have to sufice) and hoping for enough time to delve deeper soon

Hi dryadart, for me it nearly never works if I want to ” delve deeper soon ” – or now or never 🙂

Hey Brainy, I am in #ds106 as well 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some if your digital contributions 🙂

Jupidu, I am only lurking in Change11 as well, but my reason is that after 18 weeks the themes seem to be coming back. I don’t see a lot of new ideas to poke at my brain and pique my interest. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going back and debating and expanding on older issues, however I think that Change11 tried to do too much.

A 1 year MOOC is too big to be unplanned as Change was. If you look at the schedule there are a lot of blank weeks this second half, and there is little planning. I am in favor of internal locus of control and internal motivation, however a course (and a MOOC IS a course) needs to be planned so that there little possibility of cognitive overload and little possibility of cognitive boredom 🙂 This is where Change11 falls a bit flat. I wasn’t overloaded but I am definitely bored. In the first half I did have things that I was interested in, being able to see what was coming up made me excited and eager to follow along. The big gaping holes in the second half give me little to look forward to, except for the last few weeks of the MOOC.

With all my other obligations, it’s easy to just lurk on Change11 since I am not getting any tasty preview morsels coming my way 🙂

Hi Apostolos,
interesting, that you write about redundance in the MOOC, yes, I’m feeling it as well. On the other hand I’m not disappointed that the second semester isn’t already planned in detail. I trust our facilitators to get the second semester running as well. Maybe I only need a break.
But I never ever

… I never ever could attend a second MOOC – where do you find the time??

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