ZML Didaktik / Innovative Learning Scenarios

Notes on the recording of Howard Rheingold’s: „Net Smart: Introduction to fundamental social media literacies“

Posted on: Januar 6, 2012

Only notes …

Definition: Literacy not kills

  • Attention – students are looking at their laptops not on the professor – by teaching about social media – Rheingold made a video of them – student goes to Rheingold’s homepage –  student is doing his email – using attention probes in the classroom – students should be aware where their attention is – students close laptop, close eyes – mindfulness = metacognition – attention probe helps people to come back with their attention (colors what they were thinking about) – Infotention: making better, faster microdecisions: ignore or attend, open a tab for later, tag and bookmark for much later – what are my goals for the day?where is my attention? week by week countdown – some time to go where my attention is bringing me. attentional strategy – Rheingold uses netvibes
  • Critical consumption = crap detection – look for author. search machine gives answers to nearly all questions, we have to be critical, we should look for further information – triangulate – if everything is too harmonic, you are in an echo chamber!
  • Participation: curation: filter for each other – „organic“ information overload (tags,..) – enhance reputation – attract like-minded persons – networks of trust – participatory culture: participants = creators / authors. Communities will grow or they won’t grow. Cooperative learning. Casual conversation build trust
  • Network awareness

Important are the literacies not the technologies!
Amazing number or resources in youtube – culture of learning – people use for their interests

Social media literacies combine the skills of coding and decoding digital media with the social skills necessarily to use online tools in concert with others. – Rheingold’s WIKI


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