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I forgot about the MOOC

Posted on: Januar 6, 2012

Spending the last days with my teenage son in London and being into real life all day and night – without computer or smart phone – I forgot about the „virtual world“. We walked a lot, chatted, ate, looked at nice old trees and at famous sight seeing-places, we browsed our new Englisch books – and the internet with all its tools and seductions was no topic at all.

As we were walking around all day in the evening we fell into bett and we slept a lot. Without laptop and audiobooks my son fell asleep early during the lecture of one of his English books (this sleep which he is missing normally with his timetable of standing up early and switching his lights off late).

Arriving home my son switched on the internet and ran for his laptop. I was clearing out our baggage, then cooking without any thought about the MOOC. During our dinner we discussed about his activities in facebook and  speaking about „asynchronous communication“ I awoke! And I remembered the MOOC (which kept me engaged every day from October until New Year’s Day) and my virtual course which will start on Monday – about Gender and eLearning, a course which is fun because the participants attend anonymously.

So I’m back to „real virtual life“ – AND it was nice to have this unexpected break 🙂


3 Antworten to "I forgot about the MOOC"

Oooh, the gender course sounds FASCINATING! I hope you blog more about it!

Welcome back, jupidu. Glad you had such enjoyable travels. I echo Nancy’s comment, please keep us posted on the gender course! 🙂

🙂 it’s really a nice course – now it’s running for the 4th or 5th time – about 12 participants attend the course, they have fantasy male, female and neutral names (in German there exists a „neutrum“ = „it“ as well). I’m posting as „jupidu“ but they of course know who I am. (At least I’m not „me“, this is the best solution I found – in the first courses I was in my real identity and that was awful!).

For two weeks we discuss Gender and eLearning, „observe“ the media with respect to these topics and get to now each other. The third week is the week of revelation – and I will blog about it!

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