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Students view: What content for whom?

Posted on: December 10, 2011

Group 1: difficult to find topis – tweet important content (we are no stars)  – followers depend on content – twitter = interactive medium, you do it to trigger some reaction  – everybody has to find out how he or she wants to tweet (learning by doing) – you should not ask abstractly what is important – twitter about your study, aks questions

Group 2: should be tweet our status (as in fb?), it’s much – what are parameters for defining quality, to define it is up to the individual – how to get more followers (using popular hashtags, live feedings) – crucial point: who do I want to adress? (f.e. journalism students of other universites) – netiquette (so I have to follow somebody “back” who follows me?)

Group 3: why would anybody follow us (should not be so important) – we should tweet what is interesting for us, and they will follow us anyway – you cannot follow everybody – twitter in a professional context (f.e. twitter for our university) you have to reflect – it’s possible to find a target group (do you want to adress your colleagues?) – you need a special strategy on the long one – companies have the problem not knowing who is their target group – social media: you are presenting yourself and you need interesting content, you have to be specific (often tweets are not understandable) –

Group 4:objective for your tweets (many followers, traget group, ..) – difference between private and public content – post something interesting for yourself – protect the content makes only sense, if you twitter for a small group – impersonal accounts do not work – tweets need a real person behind – in this lecture students learn twittering for themselves as “brand” – a content strategy is needed

Example: luca / looka / bittersüß (JPR Studentin)

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