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Sunday in the MOOC – drifting around – testing, reading George in Croatia

Posted on: November 27, 2011

On this pleasant sunday (the sun has finally arrived after 15 gray days) I’m looking „around“ the MOOC. Last week I discovered juandoming’s E-learning-Inclusivo – and I wanted to test First I expected that I can collect rss-feeds in the scoop but it seems that it is not working this way. So I have to „scoop“ individual blogposts – my first attempt is named MOOC collection. I’m wondering if I have to curate this scoop in continuation??

Looking for content worth to appear in my scoop I discovered George Siemens slides Learning in complex learning spaces and I enjoyed them a lot. My favorite slide is number 48:

The education system has a responsibility to prepare learners for this world.

Am I prepared to learn in this world? I have some experiences and I’m not quickly frustrated by chaos. Nevertheless there are a lot of challenges for me. The most urgent topic in my actual stage in the MOOC is how to organize my learning path in the cyberspace. Should I

  • link interesting blogs in my Blogroll?
  • include them individually into my new scoop?
  • collect them in diigo?
  • mention them in a post in my blog?

And what about the persons I’m having contact with? At the moment my old fashioned MOOC diary in google docs (where I try to write down everything I’m doing in the MOOC) helps me to go back and remember with whom I had contact / discussions. Shouldn’t there be a great tool helping me in this aspect?

… I dreaming about supervising the first 11 weeks of the MOOC – by collecting everything I read, reflected and discussed – and then I want to print it and file it in a nice, real folder. Should I really do it, real paper in a real folder? Would this type of organization help me to realise better my learning processes?


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[…] I can collect rss-feeds in the scoop but it seems that it is not working this way. So I have […] [Link] Sun, 27 Nov 2011 12:12:38 +0000 […]

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