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Commenting comments to my blog post Engagement and Motivation in MOOCs

Posted on: November 25, 2011

I got to two interesting comments about my last blog post:

@jaapsoft wrote in his connectiv blog about “How to evoke more comments on your #change11 blogpost

It is not easy to remain motivated for writing a blog when nobody comments…. In a Mooc most people only read and lurk.

There was already a similar discussion at the beginning of November with Jenny Connected – we agreed in not wanting to broadcast our posts. And this is valid for me until now. My motivation and satisfaction with the MOOC comprises my learning process, my delight to discover and read and reflect and formulate and share – and not the number of comments I get. Nevertheless I’m happy to read them because they invite me to change perspective, and I’m satisfied with the “number” of comments.

Furthermore these blog posts are a kind of memory for me, not all posts are relevant for the world outside, but they are relevant for me.

Juandoming included my post into his E-Learning-Inclusivo

And I discovered his very colorful website on which seems to be a nice tool. Furthermore I’m learning and practicing Spanish, so I’m happy to find eLearning news in Spanish.

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