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„Summarizing 10 weeks in the MOOC“

Posted on: November 23, 2011

Before I start into the next 10 weeks I want to look back – reflecting what I learned and what I experienced:

Learning by reading, discussing it, setting into my context, using it in my day-to-day work – 3 highlights

  • Martin Weller’s Digital Scholarship  – I read 2 articles in detail: how this pedagogy of abundance changes learning and how old fashioned „real“ scientists are  – I loved his ideas and I want to return to the other chapters (when this MOOC finishes?)
  • Discussions about Open Educational ressources – I was intrigued how OER could change learning and to know about first concepts of combining OER with traditional university culture
  • With the concept of Social artists a new identity for me and my team emerges – but we have to study Wenger’s concepts in greater detail and a date for our „journal club“ is already scheduled

After the first 10 weeks in the MOOC

  • I’m rather calm and not too worried about all the interesting stuff I’m missing
  • It was only possible for me to attend 2,5 online meetings which is a pity!
  • During each week I invested more or less the time I planned for this MOOC – I didn’t skip an entire week
  • I’m not happy about my networking with other MOOC participants – I want to go deeper into the exchange during the next 10 weeks
  • And I really would be interested how many persons are attending the change MOOC now – in week 11

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