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Comment to Erik Duval’s Learning in a time of abundance

Posted on: November 16, 2011

I’m only thinking ….. trying to focus my thoughts … around Erik Duval’s opening of week 10 in the change.mooc:

… we are now more connected than ever before … we now live in a world of plenty, mostly as a consequence of Moore’s law … our world is ‘always on’

When I was a student in the eighties life and learning were very different, there was no abundance of ideas – there were defined books and articles and those 4 groups in the world doing research in the same field as we are. I loved it nevertheless and created abundance by studying physics, mathematics, languages, listening to lectures of philosophy, …

And so today I’m happy and this mooc is really incredible with all these “gurus” giving their ideas and concepts to me – and all those other participants sharing their experiences with me. Reflecting my story of learning I never stopped being hungry for ideas, new ways of thinking, a mixture of different opinions. This world of abundance with respect to learning is perfect for me.

But is it also perfect for my students? Are they hungry for knowledge, new ideas,…? In my trainings many of my colleagues are saying “no”. Today students are minimalistic, running for ECTS and going the easiest way to their certificate. And observing the students with their many synchronous tasks, their rich social life outside university and their being “always on” I cannot wonder that they will not emerge deeply in our subjects and are not looking for more information and input. I believe it is important for their survival that they study in a minimalistic way – as they already are so occupied in this world of abundance.

What do you think about these young people of today struggling with this rich, full world?

Summary of Erik’s ideas – Late into Learning in a time of abundance – Erik Duval

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