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Dave Cormier: Rhizomatic Education

Posted on: November 13, 2011

Thinking about  (Dave Cormier: Rhizomatic learning: Why we teach)

Wikipedia says (the next paragraph is in German)

Rhizom (griech. ῥίζωμα [rhizoma] = Wurzel) ist ein zentraler Begriff der Philosophie von Gilles Deleuze und Félix Guattari.

Der Begriff ist von der Bezeichnung für Wurzelgeflechte (Rhizome) von Pflanzen abgeleitet. Bei Deleuze und Guattari dient er als Metapher für ein postmodernes beziehungsweise poststrukturalistisches Modell der Wissensorganisation und Weltbeschreibung, das ältere, durch eine Baum-Metapher dargestellte, hierarchische Strukturen ersetzt.

And Dave correlates it to learning:

Rhizomes … (and) ideas are multiple, interconnected and self-relicating …. (they have) no beginning or end… like the learning process.

So rhizomes are multicoloured, chaotic, widely spread.

The whole idea of rhizomatic learning is to acknowledge

  • learners come from different contexts,
  • need different things

Rhizomatic learning  is a commitment to multiple paths.

Is reasonable for me. In my courses and trainings I try to offer different materials, ideas, approaches and let the learners choose. The broader this offer is the more it is possible for the learners to find useful aspects / questions. I include gender / deversity in eLearning into this framework as well.

The rhizome is, in a manner of speaking, a kind of network. It’s just a very messy, unpredictable network.

Learning in a messy, unpredictable network … as learning in a MOOC. So do we learn in a rhizomatic way in this MOOC?

Reading the comments of Dave’s post I encountered Keith Hamon who agrees with me: “This is much like a MOOC, where each participant (student) must find a point or person that anchors their engagement with the whole.”

Furthermore: great post of Jenny connected

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