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Jenny Connected & Jupidu Lost in thoughts

Posted on: November 3, 2011

Thinking about Jenny’s blogpost

Jenny says “I don’t see blogs as a discussion tool”

Yes, I agree, for me it isn’t a discussion tool at all. I did have 97 comments to a blog post once – but for me discussions are not hierarchical and in a blog the writer – or the writers – define the topic. Blogs are tools for comments – and it’s great to get some comments 🙂

Later on Jenny writes “But if it is just my post, simply for me, like this one, then it doesn’t feel right to broadcast it.”

And yes, I agree as well. I don’t like to broadcast my posts – who cames and reads them is welcome and if I get a comment I’m happy (not being alone in the cyberspace). But also in real life I don’t want to shout – maybe this is an issue of personality?

And then Jenny asks “How much of this, i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc. is really discussion. For me a real in depth discussion takes a considerable amount of trust. My experience has been that in depth discussion usually takes time to develop ….”

And here my thoughts are swirling, chaotic. Yes, no, hmmm. I don’t like and don’t use facebook so much. And there are no real discussions in twitter. But nevertheless I get trust to human beings whose tweets and contributions I’m reading.

I’m using Gilly Salmon’s 5 stage model of virtual groups in all my online courses – and there is this very important phase of Online Socialisation – and something of this kind of experience is taking place now for me within this mooc. I’m thinking about “you” – the others in this mooc, about Jenny, brainysmurf, Jane, Apostolos, Nancy, Stephen, Michel, George, Tony, some names I don’t recall anymore. And I think you are similar to me – splashing around in these big ocean of ideas, knowledge, relations – and we all are a little bit lost sometimes, and very exalted in other times. So I’m rather open to new ideas, suggestions – but maybe I’m only in a big dialog with myself?? Supported by “your” inputs??

2 Responses to "Jenny Connected & Jupidu Lost in thoughts"

Hi Jupidu – I am also very familiar with Gilly Salmon’s 5 stage model- but my experience of building that into online courses is not the same as in a MOOC. In the online courses I work on, the facilitator/tutor/moderator makes a considerable effort to get the online socialisation going. Gilly Salmon recommends ice-breaker activities. This is managed by the tutor, who also establishes an ethos of mutual respect and trust. In these MOOCs, online socialisation is managed by the individual. I find it takes me longer to work out who I can trust in a MOOC. And I often think I am only in a dialogue with myself.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

Now I am swirling with you too! 🙂

I am not on Twitter enough to have a conversation or discussion but it seems possible, particularly through a timed event like #lrnchat. I do see some longer discussions on #change11 FB from time to time and some on blogs as well.

So, I wonder if we have to define discussion? If it’s an exchange of ideas between two or more people, then I think blogs *can* lend themselves to that but they don’t have to restrict themselves to that purpose.

I also don’t like to shout out my blog posts to others but it’s nice when others do that for me through The Daily, through links on their own blogs or through (re)tweeting. It’s validating somehow…will have to ponder for another blog post. 🙂

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