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Nancy’s quest: Discover and share a …

Posted on: November 1, 2011

… story of a social artist by Friday

What’s an social artist, what could that be – Sozialkünstler?? The word exists in German, I didn’t now that. „Sozialkunst-Gestaltung stellt sich unbefangen, mit möglichst großem Frageernst, den sozialen Fragen und bricht, wenn es notwendig erscheint, auch ein gesellschaftliches oder unausgesprochenes Tabu, indem sie dieses zur Sprache bringt.“ Rainer Schnurre

But has social artist the same meaning as in German? Browsing DTLT Today Episode 71: The Social Artist – the social artist creates room for people to connect – virtual room? he or she comnnects people? shouldn’t people connect themselves – it is about learning and playing and working – Nancy speaks a lot with her arms 🙂 – maybe a social artist is a kind of moderator?? (as weaving was used by Gilly Salmon as well “ weaving ideas out of discussion threads together). Nancy says „visual beauty changes the communication in a room“. … we can use visuals as part of the social artistry.

Ok, now I have a better understanding of the task – but am nothing nearer to fulfil it. But rethinking it – yes, last semester I had my students drawing in class …. about their use of computers.

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You are a great observer! For a little back ground on social artists, I was using the term I n the sense that Etienne Wenger has been using it…creating the social space for learning. There are others who are using the term in similar ways see

I think this is not so much about connecting others for them (see also June Holley’s term of network weaver) but again creating conditions. Really listening to people. Noticing their interests and seeing if they relate to someone else they don’t know. Throwing a wonderful party …virtually or otherwise…that creates moments of connection possibilities.

Of co use, my internet in this is based on my belief that there is the „social“ in learning!!

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