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Nancy White: Triangulating, weaving and connecting our learning

Posted on: November 1, 2011

This week is Nancy’s week and I’m browsing her material:

  • Preparing for my MOOC Contribution” – Nancy writes: “I help people connect, communicate and get things done. And no matter how you slice it, these always involve learning but we are rarely talking about learning. ” – Nancy states that she’s learning all the time no matter in which context. Later on Nancy writes: “I think this week is more about looking inward than outward. What do you think?” –Yes, that’s fine for me.”
  • #Change11 My MOOC week is here… – Nancy writes: “I’m interested in BEING in change.” – Wow. Different stile with respect to the last change.mooc-weeks.
  • Today’s before and after #Change11 MOOC Slides – Nancy writes: “not a presentation at all, where we played around with change (what, who), multiple-membership (the heaven and hell of many places/people to learn with and from) and the roles of “social artist” and “transversal.”
  • The slides – many questions at the whiteboard, have been interesting and I missed it 😦 Nancy mentiones Etienne Wenger, the Communities of practice researcher. Definition of trans.verse. What small things can you do to contribute to the flow of change? Hmmm, sharing my thoughts with others, organizing a workshop as mine tomorrow, being respectful to other persons’ ideas.

Hmm, Nancy’s slides leave me a little bit confused … see next post

1 Response to "Nancy White: Triangulating, weaving and connecting our learning"

The slides are clearly and artifact of the interaction and not an exposition of ideas. It may have been intentional provocation on my part, or the laziness of an over busy person. What would you like to explore together?

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