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Posted on: Oktober 15, 2011

In a comment to one of my blog contributions Apostolos K. writes

In the MOOC we tend to see the people who register for the class and attend and participate – and people who register for the class and attend but seldom participate.

Ok, can be …. BUT if e.g. exactly thousand people attend, at least 5-10 percent should be active, which would mean 50 to 100. And I definitely not have the feeling that that many people write blog contributions or twitter tweets.

On the other hand if all of them are active in facebook, they don’t observe me (didn’t enter fb for the last 10 days or so)…. or nobody can meet me in an online event because until now I didn’t succeed in attending any synchronous online event.

So it’s a kind of mystery, riddle (not sure about the right translation for Rätsel), how this MOOC works for different persons. I will observe it and think about in in the future 🙂

Apostolos K. suggests as well, that

I would be interested in having a mechanism for people to unregister if they are inactive for the first 3 weeks (inactivity can be defined), so zombie accounts can be eliminated from the sample size.

I strongly oppose this view. Three weeks are too short for such an action. In my online courses I never evict somebody. I don’t want to compromise the possibiliy that inactive persons will get active.

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