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David Wiley: Openness in education and the future of education

Posted on: Oktober 13, 2011

My notes to the video „Openness in education and the future of education“

Definition: open educational resscources (OER) – freely shared teaching materials promotimg the 4R activities: Reuse, Redistribute, Revise, Remix – it’s about sharing, about being generous

Role of openness in education: „is the only mean of doing education“ „if there is no sharing there is no education“ – education = relation ship of sharing

New media give new opportunities for sharing (giving feedback, sharing material, …)

David: „I can share expertise without loosing it“ – expressions of my expertise (e.g. books) are limited – digital expressions are „nonrivalrous“ (can be shared without being lost) = indescribable advance now with respect to some years ago

Expertise and its expressions can be shared without limits – thinking about the pedagogy of abundance of Martin Weller

Comparison: before 15th century: books very expensive and slow to produce –  printing press – afterwards: books easy, cheap and quick to produce – now with the internet: information immediately available – missing here: the costs of the internet

Course management systems against openness, deleting the contributions of students!

Statistics: 120M persons in higher education, additiona 150M persons want to enter higher education in the next 25 years

„Collision: powerful new media and technology, ravenous demand, outdated thinking reinforced by law – protecting my intellectual property“

Dr. David Wiley is Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University


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