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Returning to the roots

Posted on: Oktober 12, 2011

As I cannot find content of week 5 (?? maybe I’m overworked…) I returned to my perception of the MOOC itself.

And discovered Stephen’s MOOC guide in Google Sites. It is interesting to read about the past MOOCs – one only lasted 6 weeks, another was run in Moodle (would be a much too closed environment for me), and there is a MOOC room in SL as well.

Furthermore I found his Keynote about „MOOC 2011: The Massive Open Online Course in Theory and in Practice“ September 6, 2011, delivered to IV Innovar para Transcendar Simposio de la COMINAIC, Guadalajara, Mexico. – The slides contain incredible beautiful pictures.

Nevertheless my participation could be higher (it’s wednesday evening and the first time that I enter the MOOC in week 5) – but it’s impossible at the start of the semester. On the other hand I’m preparing a new class for new adult learners and I’m using materials found in the MOOC 🙂


3 Antworten to "Returning to the roots"

Das Modul für diese Woche ist hier: . Ich weiß nicht warum es nicht unsichtbar ist

OK, I am really really rusty with my german (but I gave it a try lol). The content for this week is in that link above. I have tweeted Dave, George and Stephen to see if they can make it visible but nothing yet. Until then you can use that link 🙂

So nice to get help so quickly, thanx

Thanx, it helps as well for week 7 🙂

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