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How to „work“ in the changemooc – the orientation phase

Posted on: September 24, 2011

In a facebook discussion Brianna writes:

What an immersive experience today (from home). I had Fuze, FB, Twitter and the changemooc site open simultaneously.

I have to check „Fuze“ – or ask somebody …

In my case I’m working with this blog, twitter, FB, the changemooc site, LEO and google docs (for structuring). It is ok to hop from tab to tab – but I find it more challenging what to do within a tab: reading all twitter #change11 posts (at the moment there aren’t so many, it seems that more people had a day off yesterday as myself …), reading the whole FB-discussion ? Or hoping within the discussions as well?

But as I’m in the orientation phase – which probably will last some weeks more – it’s ok for me to be disorientated.


3 Antworten to "How to „work“ in the changemooc – the orientation phase"

Hi, there. Fuze is a web conferencing tool similar to Elluminate, WebEx, etc. It’s totally normally to feel disoriented. I’m sure you will feel wonderful when you find your own path to orientation, not one that someone else prescribed to you. Enjoy the immersion!

Ah, thanx – and …. at the moment working with this blog, the changeMOOC site, Allison’s article and further articles of her references, leo, google docs, twitter (and hopping to twitter related pages)

Just had a go at Scoop along with change mooc, my blog, FS, Twitter and the Daily newspaper. I reckon that adding another tool SCOOP did little to help me organise and synthesis my connections, learning and interactions. It seems to be to be a better strategy to look for ‚learning node‘ or person who seems to be on the same way length and follow them… New for me to comment on a German site ( I think) but the hand pointer is giving instructions in English. Interesting example of building an idea about cross cultural communciation in our moocland.

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