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My actual status in the change MOOC

Posted on: September 21, 2011

Ok, it’s an intensive period – so many eLearning conferences and talks, workshops, …uffa

But I’m organizing my change11 activities by developing a template to monitor, what I’m doing in connection with change11. I’m really satisfied with the template which will  probably change  during the next weeks. The template will be my private diary (in German) but at least I’m doing it with Google docs.

This blog is for official reflecting – and probably getting connected. At the moment it is too much for me to get connected as well – but I enjoyed reading the blog contributions and nearly wanted to write a comment – to a Spanish blog to practice my Spanish 🙂

Bye the way: I forgot my MOOC password yesterday and today as well …..

2 Responses to "My actual status in the change MOOC"

yes, it is a lot, I feel what you mean.
Would be interested in the reflexion template if you like to share – regards, Natasa
PS.: practicing spanish could be a possibility in the MOOC too? 🙂

yeh, we could share it .. I want to do it now but the network is really slow so sharing is not possible at the moment … Let’s do it on Monday 🙂

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