ZML Didaktik / Innovative Learning Scenarios

my steps

Posted on: September 19, 2011

1. Somewhat define your goals. What is success to you? – to succeed in contributing, getting involved

2. Declare/Define yourself – where can people find you? – on twitter, in this blog, on our website

3. Plan your interaction habits. These will evolve as the course progresses, but having a sense of “I’m going to spend 30 minutes each morning, Monday to Friday on this course” – I will try to spend 30  minutes each day, or 3,5 hours a week (having skipped the first week … hrmm)

4. Build your network through participation and interaction with others. This is critical. – ok

5. Think about how you’ll manage course information. How do you capture important articles? – reflection in this blog, papers in delicious, maybe

6. Create and share. … Blog your ideas. Create images and concept maps. Try making a short video. Create. Share. These digital trails will be helpful for future reflection on your learning process as well. – ok, already doing it

7. Fix what’s missing. As this course progresses, you’ll be struck with thoughts of “why did they organize it this way? Why didn’t they create XX?” That is your inner creator crying out for an opportunity to play. Solve the problem you’ve noticed and invite others to join you. – vamos a ver

8. Manage you expectations. An open online course can have many learners and a high degree of activity, especially at the start. However, don’t be disappointed if your brilliant post only gets one or two comments…When I first started blogging, I was so focused on getting noticed that I wasn’t focusing on the things that were actually valuable to me (such as personal learning and growth). – probably no great problem for me (we will see)

9. Persistence. Building a strong learning network takes time and effort. … challenge: daily tweets, one blog post a week, three comments on posts by other course participants. Stick with it. – should work

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welcome on board Jutta! 🙂

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